Monday, May 22, 2006

Three cheers for Wired

There still be heroes--Today, Monday, Wired News struck something of a blow for American democracy by publishing forbidden documents on AT&T’s spying on its customers. The documents are part of a law suit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) alleging that A&T participated in an illegal, warrantless domestic wiretapping program for the National Security Agency. The accusation came from a whistle-blower at the company, Mark Klein and came to the website by way of investigative reporter Ryan Singel.

Documents in the suit have been sealed by a federal court because AT&T has insisted release would suffer harm as the material is proprietary. News media lost a motion to the federal court in San Francisco to have it released. What part of those documents are among those released by Wired is not known but the wired resource appears to be quite extensive. In a sidebar, Wired said that having reviewed the documents it had, AT&T was full of shit (they were more polite) and that the issue is so serious that “the public’s right to know the full facts in this case outweighs AT&T’s claims to secrecy.” You bet!

In the documents, Klein describes a secret room in an AT&T building in San Francisco, where they eavesdropped on its customers at the request of the NSA without the prior approval of a court, which is required by law. Wired’s story provides links to all the documentation. Spread it around.

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