Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When a Panda sticks his thumb in your face—UPDATED

Pay no attention to the religion behind the curtain—
While the Kansas Board of Education was making asses of themselves, the voters in “red neck" Pennsylvania did themselves proud. They threw the scoundrels out. All eight members of the Dover, PA school board, whose efforts to insert “intelligent design” into the local schools, were routed in yesterday’s election. Even the people who won were surprised at the victory. The word “repudiation” is hard to avoid.

"I think voters were tired of the trial, they were tired of intelligent design, they were tired of everything that this school board brought about," said Bernadette Reinking, who was among the winners. Election results here.

The poster child for the ID people who tried last month to convince a federal judge religion had nothing to do with the debate, Alan Bonsell, came in last. Another said he was going to contest the vote because in one voting district he got no votes at all. Nada. Zip. Zero.

In October 2004, the board voted to require ninth grade biology students to hear a short statement pointing out gaps in Darwin’s theory, asserting that ID was a valid alternative to evolution and to go out and read the bible of the ID, Of Pandas and People. The board was taken to court by parents and the trial ended last week. The judge is expected to rule after the first of the year

What happens to the court case? Well, it’s still on. The vote doesn’t change anything. For an excellent description of ID vs. the two flavors of creatonism (you didn’t know it came in two flavors?), click here for the usually wonderful Panda’s Thumb.

UPDATE: For a good look at the mood of Dover after the election, go here. The good folks of Dover are embarrassed and glad to be rid of the know-nothings.

Meanwhile, in Kansas (I promise, no Kansas jokes), the school board there is going ahead with its ID curriculum despite the usual warnings it would turn Kansas into a laughing stock of the civilized world. They are going to have some trouble getting organized since at least two major science organizations have refused to allow them to use copyrighted material. The vote was 6-4. That makes Kansas the fifth state to adopt standards challenging evolution, Ohio, Minnesota, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Ohio is the furthest out. Maybe we should tell Ohio jokes instead.

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