Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Podcasts, bloggers and science writers

The National Association of Science Writers session on podcasts, bloggers and science writers is itself a podcast and if you click on the headline, you'll get there, thanks to Amy Gahran. I am the guy mumbling and talking too quickly. You will, however, learn a lot from the others in the group, Amy, Carl Zimmer and Merry Bruns, all of whom know more about this than I. Amy's site is You can click here.


Amy said...

Hey Joel, thanks for the link. I enjoyed meeting you, and I enjoyed your talk at NASW.

You linked to the home page of Contentious, and that's great.

Here's a direct link to the specific posting where I discuss the NASW panel and posted the podcast:

That might be helpful to your readers, since that posting will scroll off my home page before too long.


- Amy Gahran
Editor, Contentious

John Ludwigson said...

Thank you. Were it not for you, I would never have heard of Contentious or managed to listen in on that very interesting session of the meeting. Do it again, Amy!

...and you do mumble, and rumble and talk off-mike (the original spelling of "mic"). Worse, you sound a lot like me.